Hadrians Old Boys Association




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There are 1091 members listed

Forename Surname Intake Coy Location
David Abbott 59 C C Australia
Eric Acton 62 A B UK
Mark Adams 67 C C UK
Larry Adey 67 B C UK
Stuart Ahrens 62 A C UK
David Aitken 60 C C UK
Alex Aitkenhead 65 A A UK
James Alder 62 C B Deceased - Dec 2007
Dave (Alex) Alexander 64 C C UK
Brian Alford 64 C B UK
Gordon Allan 64 A C UK
Dave Allen 68 A C UK
Michael Allen 58 B C UK
John Allen 65 C A UK
Don Allen 64 B A UK
Bob Alleway 63 A A Spain
Chris Allinson 60 B C UK
Peter Allsopp 65 C A UK
Vic Amaira BEM 60 C C UK
Andy Anderson 61 C B UK
Edward (Andy) Anderson 65 A B UK
Peter Andrews 63 C C USA
John Angus 63 B A USA
Jack Ansell 64 C C UK
Gordon Antill 63 B A UK
Brian Appleby 61 C B UK
Fred Archer 66 C A Deceased - Mar 2017
Mike Archer 65 B C Malta
Brian Arklie 61 C B Deceased - 11 Apr 2018
George Arman 60 B A UK
Ray Arman 61 A B UK
Ron Armitage 62 B C UK
John Arnold 64 A A UK
Mike Ash 65 C A UK
John Ash 60 B B Cyprus
Brian Ashcroft 60 C A UK
Terry Ashton 67 C A UK
Tom Aspden 61 C C UK
Tony Atkins 62 C C UK
Barry J. Atkinson 62 A B UK
Alan Atkinson Perm Staff RAEC
Mike Badwi 65 C A Australia
Paul Bagshaw 65 C C Canada
Bill Baillie 61 B A UK
John Bain 64 B A UK
Bernie Baker 61 C C UK
Norman Baker 65 C A UK
Tony Baker 63 C C UK
Kevin Ball 64 C B UK
Phil Ball 64 B B UK
E.S. Ball 59 C A UK
Ian Ballance 64 A A UK
Phil Barker 65 C A UK
Michael Barnard 61 C A Australia
Alec Barnes 65 C A UK
Bob Barradell 67 C C UK
John Barry 66 C B UK
Terry Bashford 61 C B UK
Brian Bason 62 A B UK
Bill Bateman 65 A C Deceased-Sep 2020
Tony Bateman 63 A B UK
Bill Bates 58 B B UK
Owen Batey 64 B C UK
Mick Baugh 63 A C UK
Ray Baxter 64 B C Canada
Peter Bayliss 65 C A UK
Paul Bayliss 62 B B Australia
Bill Baynham 63 A C Thailand
Bill Beattie 68 B B UK
Mick Bee 65 C A UK
Trevor Beeke 67 B C UK
Bob Beer 64 B A UK
Dennis Beer 61 C B Deceased - Jan 2017
Barry Beezum 59 C C Deceased - Feb 21
Mick Belva 62 C A UK
Malcolm Bennett 63 A C UK
Tony Benning 61 C B UK
Roger Bentley 63 B B Australia
Roger Berry 63 C C UK
Chris Berry 62 B B UK
Wayland Berry 60 C B UK
John Beuzeval 63 A C UK
Bob Bevan 60 A C Deceased - Mar 2020
Phil Beveridge Perm Staff Canada
Les Beves 61 A C Deceased - Feb 2013
Graham Bevis 67 C B Deceased - Aug 2021
Taff Bills 61 A A UK
John Bindokas BEM 64 A A Niger Delta
Rodger Birchenough 65 C A UK
Graham Bird 61 B B Deceased - 24 Feb 2022
Brian Biss 61 B C UK
Ron Black 67 A C UK
Jim Black 67 C C UK
Bob Blake 63 C C UK
Dave Bland 61 C C UK
Geoff Blease 61 B C UK
John Boardman 68 A C UK
James Malcolm Booth 67 A C UK
Dave Booton 60 B B UK
Ted Borda 60 B B Deceased - May 2021
Dave Boreta 62 C B Deceased - Sept 2018
Alan Borthwick 63 A B UK
Peter Bowe 60 A B UK
John Bower 62 C C UK
Steven Bower 65 C A UK
Tony Bowman 61 A B UK
Bill Bowman 63 A C UK
Dave Box 60 A A UK
David (Taff) Bradd 61 A A UK
Michael Braham 60 C B Deceased - 22 May 2019
Bill Bramford 59 B B UK
Michael Breeze 59 B B Deceased - Sept 2011
Maurice Bridgland 67 B A UK
Bob Brindle 59 C C UK
Phil Bristow 67 C A Deceased - May 2013
Martin Bristow 63 A B UK
Ken Brockless 64 B C UK
Peter Brook 61 B B UK
Derek Brooks 65 B C UK
John Brooks 60 A B UK
Steven Broomfield 66 C A UK
W. A. Brown 65 B C UK
Martin Brown 67 A A UK
Dave Brown 60 A B UK
Ray Brown 65 A A Deceased - 10 June 2022
Dave Brown 61 C C UK
Colin Brown 60 C C UK
Ray Brown 60 C B UK
Peter Brown 60 A A UK
Rick Brown 65 C A UK
Norman Buchan 64 A C UK
Ted Buck 64 B A UK
Tim Buckley 61 A B UK
John Bullen 60 B B UK
Ben Burd 63 C A Canada
Jack Burke 61 B A Eire
Dave Burrell 64 C B UK
Danny Burrough 61 A A UK
Ray Burrows 62 C A UK
Mick Burrows 64 C C UK
Pete Bury 64 A C UK
Colin Bush 59 B B UK
Mike Bushell 59 C C UK
Peter Butler 67 C C UK
Bob Byrne 65 B C UK
Terry Cahill 57 B A UK
Dave Cameron 64 A C UK
Robert Cammish 62 C C UK
George Campbell 67 A A UK
Ronald Campbell 62 B A UK
Colin Campbell 65 C A UK
Ken Cann 65 B C UK
Peter Carn 64 C B Denmark
Mike Carnevale 61 C B UK
Ally Carr 64 B A UK
Ed Carrick 60 B B Australia
William Carruthers 67 B B UK
Kevin Carter 67 B B UK
Lou Carver 63 A C UK
Ken Carver 67 C B UK
Gerald Cashman 67 C A UK
Geoffrey Cashmore - Thornley 61 C C UK
Arthur Cass 58 B A Netherlands
Ian Cathcart 62 C A UK
David Chaffey 67 C B UK
Mike Chalcraft 66 C A UK
Michael Chalder 65 A B UK
Dick Chanin 60 B A Cyprus
Steve Chapman 63 B C UK
Malcolm Chapman 64 B A UK
Dave Chapman 65 B A UK
Richard Charlesworth 62 C B UK
John Charlton 60 B B UK
Vic Chaszczewski 60 A A Germany
Duncan Chattin 58 B A Australia
Walter Chinnery 64 C A UK
Barry Chitty 68 B B UK
Tony Chivers 67 A B UK
Anthony Christian 60 B A UK
Peter Church 57 B B UK
Laurie Churcher 60 A B UK
Tom Clapham 65 C A UK
Phil Clark 66 C A UK
Tony Clark 64 A C UK
Jim Clark 62 A B UK
Martin Clark 61 A B UK
Doug Clarke 64 C C Deceased - 3 Jun 2021
Allan Clarke 61 B A UK
Gordon (Nobby) Clarke 63 A C UK
Mike Clarke 60 C B UK
Richard Clarke 66 C B UK
John Clay 67 C B UK
David Clutson 64 A B UK
David Cockayne 64 B C UK
Chris Cole 61 B A Deceased - 01 Apr 2021
Steve Coleman 63 C A UK
Sid Coles 67 C B UK
Terry Coles 65 B C UK
Mick Colley 62 A C UK
Ken Collins 61 B C UK
Joe Collins 61 C A UK
Don Collister 67 C A UK
Roy Coltman 64 A A UK
Peter Columbine 61 C A Deceased - July 2012
Peter Cook 64 C A UK
Jack Cook 65 C A Deceased - Dec 2012
Terry Cooke 62 A C UK
Peter Cooke 67 B B UK
Ted Cooper 61 C B UK
Roger Cooper 63 B C UK
Keith Copland 61 C B UK
Ian Coris 60 C A UK
Martin Corrigan 64 C B Deceased - 01 Sep 2015
Bob Cotter 67 B C UK
Geoff Cotter 67 B A UK
Chris Cotter 61 B B UK
Tom Cradden 63 C B UK
Billy Crawford 60 B C UK
John Creighton 63 C C UK
Kevin Croft 67 B B Spain
Colin Crook 65 C A UK
Mick Cropp 61 C B UK
(Bill) Allan Cross 65 B B Australia
Roger Cross 64 C C UK
Fred Crossman 63 C C UK
Richard Crowson 60 C B UK
Bob Cubitt 67 C B UK
Eric Culshaw 64 B B UK
John Cunnell 61 A A USA
David Curle 65 C A UK
Ross Curnow 65 B B UK
Dougie Czeschel 60 B B Deceased - 14 May 2017
Trevor Daley 65 C A UK
Tony Darke 64 A A UK
Taff Darlington 68 A C UK
K Daughton 67 C C UK
Rod Davis 63 A B UK
Malcolm Davison 61 B B UK
John Davison 63 C A UK
Bill Dawber 63 B C UK
John Dawson 62 A C UK
Steven Dawson 62 B C UK
Steve Dawson 67 C B UK
Chris Day 64 A B UK
Mick Dean 59 B B UK
Peter S. Deane 61 A A UK
Mick Debbage 61 C C UK
John Decker 60 A C Deceased - Jun-2022
Chris Dennis 65 C A UK
Keith Dennis 63 C A UK
Steve Denton 65 C A USA
John Derbyshire 61 B B UK
Ken Devlin 60 B B UK
Brian Dillon 58 A Unknown UK
Paul Dilworth 64 A B UK
John Dodson 62 C B UK
Keith Doherty 68 A C UK
Mike Donne 63 C B UK
Peter Douglass 64 A A UK
Richard Drabble 65 C A Deceased - 14 Nov 2018
Alan Drane 61 C C UK
Derek Draper 67 C B UK
Chris Draycott 67 B A UK
Peter Drew Perm Staff UK
Colin Driscol 60 A B UK
Joe Driver 68 A C Deceased - Oct 2020
Alan Dry 65 A A UK
Dougie Dryden 64 C C UK
Tony Dryland 62 A C Australia
Bob Duff 67 C C Deceased - Aug 2018
Bill Duguid 64 A A UK
Bryan Dunbar 60 A B Deceased - Aug 2013
Alexander Duncan 62 C C Deceased - Feb 2016
Ian Dunlop 65 C A UK
Reg Dunlop 65 B B Deceased - Mar 2020
Robin Dunn 62 C C Germany
Bob Dunnett 65 B A UK
Nigel Dunnett 68 A C UK
Warren Durrant 63 B C UK
Trevor Dyke Perm Staff J Coy
Chris Eade 64 B C UK
Alan Eagles 67 A C UK
Lean Eaglesfield 61 B Unknown UK
Adrian Earle 63 C A UK
Ron East 68 A C UK
John Easton 62 C A France
Dave Eckett 66 C B Deceased - 28 Dec 2018
Vic Edgar 60 C C UK
Dave Edwards 61 A A UK
Jim Egan 66 C B UK
Dave Elkins 67 C B Deceased - 1981
William Elliott BEM 64 C C UK
Mike Ellis 64 A A UK
Alan Elsy 61 C A Deceased - Sep 2020
Martyn Elvin 59 C Unknown UK
Larry Emberley 65 B A Deceased - Jun 2016
Howard Emerson 62 C C UK
Dave Emmerson 63 A B UK
Ian Emslie 64 C C UK
Terry English 63 A C UK
David Essex 64 C C UK
Michael Evans 58 B C UK
Jeffrey Evans 64 C A UK
Peter Evans 59 B C UK
Dave Evans 67 A B Deceased - 6 March 2018
Geoff Eve Perm Staff UK
Peter Evetts 63 B B UK
Michael Fallaize 66 C C UK
Alan Farley 63 C C UK
Godfrey Farnworth Perm Staff C of E Padre
Pat Farrell 60 B B UK
Barrie Fennelow 62 A C Canada
Phil Fenner 67 C B Deceased - 1994
Alex Figgins 63 A A Deceased - 22 Nov 2018
Bob Finch 64 A A Germany
Pete Firth 62 A C UK
Mike Fish 64 A C UK
Robert Fisher 62 A B UK
Bob Fisher 65 A A UK
Danny Fisher 67 A C Norway
Mike Fitz-Henry 67 B B Germany
Jack Flory 58 B C Canada
Ian Forbes 57 B A UK
David Foreman 62 B C UK
Joe Forster 61 A B UK
Peter Forster 62 C A UK
Alex Forsyth 63 B A UK
Dave Foster 61 B B UK
Mick Foster 59 C B UK
Geoff Foster 66 C C UK
Bill Fotheringham 61 B B UK
Ted Fowler Perm Staff RA
Alan Fox 68 A C UK
David Fox 59 C B UK
John Fox 62 A A UK
Harry France 64 B B UK
R.M. Francis 62 B A Deceased - May 1999
Mike Franks 63 C A UK
Gary Fraser 60 B B UK
Ian C. Fraser 67 A A France
Duncan Fraser 66 C C UK
Stan Fryatt 60 C B UK
Mike Fryer 67 C C UK
Jim Fuller 65 C A UK
Tony Fullerton 67 B C UK
Willie Fulton 64 A C Deceased - 04 Jan 2021
Norman Garden 67 B B UK
William Gardiner 67 C A UK
Brian Gardner 60 C C UK
John Garrett 66 C B UK
John Gasgoine 63 A A UK
Ray Gatward 62 C B UK
Mick Gear 60 A C UK
Phillip Geggie 65 A A UK
Geoff George 64 B C UK
Barry George 63 C B Deceased - Jul 2014
R. Gibson 63 A C UK
John Glasspool 57 B A UK
Dave Glithero 64 B A UK
Simon Goggin 66 C C UK
Brian Goodchild 64 B C UK
William Gordon 60 C B Germany
Dave Gorman 65 A C UK
Graham Gough 67 B C UK
Billy Graham 67 B B UK
John Michael Grainger 64 B C Deceased - 12 May 2022
Fred Grant 64 A Unknown Deceased - 2004
Derek Grater 60 B A UK
Bernie Gratton 59 B C UK
Alf Gratton 65 A B France
Bruce Gray 64 A B Deceased - Dec 2016
John Gray 64 C B UK
Ron Gray 62 C B UK
Bill Gray 62 C A Deceased - 5 May 2021
Brian Gray 60 C C UK
John M. Gray 64 B B Germany
T. Green 63 A C Deceased - Nov 2012
Bryan Green 62 C C UK
Ernie Green 62 B A UK
John Gridley 64 B Unknown UK
Chris Grieve 61 C B UK
Chris Griffin 63 B B UK
Tony Griffiths 60 A B UK
Mike Grimes 62 C B UK
George Grimison 62 B B Deceased - Mar 2018
Robbie Grimison 64 B A UK
Nick Grogan 62 C A UK
Ken Guest 63 A C UK
Pete Guild 68 A C UK
Jeff Hadfield 63 B B UK
Granville Hall 66 C B UK
Barry Hall 67 C B UK
Steve Hall 65 C C UK
Dick Hallam 67 C C UK
Fred Halsey Perm Staff UK
Carl Halsey 60 C B UK
Steve Hammond 64 C A UK
Dave Hammond 61 B B UK
Belton Hammond 63 C B UK
Pete Hammond 67 C C UK
Richard Hampton 61 C B UK
Mike Handsley 66 C B UK
Brian Hanfrey 61 A C UK
Keith Hanson 65 C B UK
Brian Harding 67 B C UK
Peter Hardy 64 B A UK
Gerry Hardy Perm Staff Lecturer Engineering
Les Harper 62 B B UK
Jeffrey Harper 64 B C UK
Kenny Harries 68 A C UK
David Harris 63 A B UK
David Harrison 62 C C UK
Geoff Harrison 64 A C UK
Neil Harrison Perm Staff Blue Gym / PTI
Terry Hartley 59 A B Deceased - 09 Feb 2021
Mike Hartley 63 C A Deceased - 5 Apr 2018
Michael Hassall 63 A A UK
John Hassell 61 B A UK
Garrick Hawkes 65 B C UK
Ian Hayden MBE 61 C C UK
Rick Hayles 65 B C UK
Bill Hayles 63 C A UK
Clive Haynes 67 C C UK
Gary Hayward 67 B B UK
Danny Hayward 63 B C Deceased - 11 Mar 2018
Michael Heath 61 A C UK
Dickie Henderson 64 B C UK
John Herbert 63 B A UK
Dennis Herbert 57 B A UK
Dave Hetherington 61 C B UK
John Hewitt 61 C A UK
John Higgins 65 B C Australia
Ian Hill 67 C B UK
Robert (Jimmy) Hill 63 C B UK
Bob Hillman 60 C C UK
Robert Hills 66 C C UK
Geoff Hinde 62 A C UK
Henry Hinton 67 C B Germany
Bob Hobbs 60 B B UK
Leslie Hodkinson Perm Staff UK
Ron Holbrey 61 C B UK
Paul Hollingworth 64 A A UK
Phil Hollister 62 C A UK
Stewart Holman 66 C A UK
David Holmes 65 B C Deceased - Feb 2013
Mick Holmes 61 C B UK
Geoff Honey 67 B C Australia
Bob Hook 67 C C UK
Bob Hope 67 C B Deceased - 18 Sept 2017
Louis Hopkins 67 B C UK
Keith Hopping 66 C B UK
Harry Hopton 61 C A UK
Mike Horan 65 A B UK
Rick Horsted 60 B B UK
Harry Horton 60 A C UK
Mike Hosking 67 B A UK
Roger Hoskins 57 B B UK
John Hosty Perm Staff UK
David Howard 67 A B UK
Allan Howard 61 B C UK
Clive Howell 60 A A Deceased - 1997
Rick Howell 60 C A UK
John Hudson 61 C B UK
Peter Hughes 61 A C UK
Paul Hughes 65 A A UK
John Hughes 67 C B UK
Chris Hullah 65 B A UK
Geoff Hunt 66 C A UK
Rufus Hunt 60 B A UK
Alex Hunt 63 B C UK
Barrie Hunt 65 C C UK
Dave Hunter 60 B A Deceased - Dec 2017
Jim Hurst 65 A A Australia
Mike Hylton 64 C C Cyprus
Peter Hyslop 64 B C Deceased - Feb 2013
George Hyslop 64 B B UK
Terry Iley 64 B B Australia
David Ingham 60 B A UK
John Iredale 58 B A UK
James Irvine 64 A B UK
Roger Ivey 62 A C UK
Phil Jackson 65 A B UK
Jack Jackson 61 C B UK
Nick James 64 C A Thailand
Greg James 64 C Unknown UK
Ian Jamieson 67 A C UK
Robert Jamieson 65 A A UK
Taff Jarman 62 C B UK
Ian Jarvis 68 A C UK
Allan Jefferson 65 C C UK
Peter Jeffery 67 C B UK
Geoffrey(Paul) Jenkins 61 B C UK
Michael Johnston 61 A C UK
Ian Johnston 63 C B UK
Doug Johnston 63 B C UK
Iain Johnstone 64 C B Deceased - Feb 2017
Glyn Jones 62 B B UK
Bob Jones 64 B A Australia
Alfred Jones 68 A C UK
Peter Jones 68 B B UK
Steve Jones 67 C B NZ
Gary Jones 61 C C UK
Terry (Taff) Jones 65 C C UK
Colin Jones 67 B B UK
John Jones 61 B A UK
Ken Jones 61 A C UK
Peter Jones 62 C A Deceased - 29 Apr 2018
Norman Jones 60 C B UK
Davey Jones 67 C C UK
Roger Jones MBE 64 C B Deceased - Nov 2020
Phil (Pip) Jordan 63 A A France
Steve Joyce 63 B C UK
Alan Jupp 65 B Unknown Australia
David Kean 65 A C UK
Derek Keates 68 A C UK
Peter Keeble MBE 60 B C UK
Les Kehoe 60 A B Deceased - Jan 2011
Steve Kelly 62 A A UK
Garry Kelly (Revd) 67 C B UK
Graham Kennedy 59 B B UK
James Kenrick 63 B A UK
Peter King 62 C B UK
Rowland King 58 B B UK
Don King Perm Staff UK
Deric King 65 A A UK
Pete Kingston 60 C C UK
Keith (Kipper) Kipp 64 A B UK
Norman Kirkhouse 64 A C Germany
Brendan Kirkpatrick 63 A B Deceased - Feb 2014
Rick Kirton 64 C B Deceased - June 2015
Tony Kitchen 68 A C UK
Terry Knee 63 C A Deceased - Nov 2012
Mick Kneebone 62 A C Deceased - July 2017
John Knibb 64 A C Deceased - 2013
Stuart Knight 60 C C UK
Ian Knight 61 B C UK
Andy Kobayashi 68 B B UK
Czeslaw Kuspisz 64 B C UK
Alan Kuzbyt 67 C A UK
Robin Lacey 67 C B UK
Pete Laidler 63 A C UK
Chris Lake 61 B B UK
Leo Lamb 60 B B UK
Andy Lamond 60 B B Deceased - Apr 2007
Roy Lancaster 62 C A UK
Ian Landreth 63 A A Malaysia
Paddy Lang 62 B A UK
Peter Lang 67 C B UK
Baz Langford 63 A A Deceased - Jun 2010
Brian Langley 64 C B UK
Ken Langley 63 B B UK
Ray Langton 61 C A UK
Roger Lavery 62 B B UK
Bill Lawrence Unkno Unknown UK
Pete Lawson 62 A Unknown UK
Rod Layhe 60 C C UK
Joe Le Page 65 A C UK
Lloyd Le Tiec 60 A A UK
Alan Leach 65 A A UK
Paul Leak 64 A A UK
Dave Lee 61 B C Deceased - 4 Dec 2008
Dave Lee 64 C B UK
Arthur Leggett 61 C C UK
Jim Leighton 65 B A UK
Eddie Lennox 67 C A Cyprus
Colin Leonard 68 B B USA
Grahame Lerpiniere 60 A C UK
John Lewis 65 B B UK
Rob Lewis 67 B B UK
John (Paddy) Lewthwaite 65 B B Deceased - Jan-2022
David Liggins 67 C B UK
David Lightfoot 68 A C UK
Pete Lindley 67 C B UK
Rob Lipscombe 66 C C Australia
Alan Lister 62 C A UK
Tony Little 64 B A UK
Ed Livingstone 62 B Unknown UK
Ian Lloyd 59 B A UK
Andrew J. Locke 67 B C UK
Tom Lockhart 58 A C UK
Nigel Lockyear 67 C C UK
Ron Logan 63 A B UK
Paul Lomas 65 C C UK
Michael Long 63 B A UK
Ray Longhurst 63 C C France
L. Longstaff Unkno Unknown UK
Bruce Lornie 64 C C UK
Mick Lowe 64 B B UK
Barry Lowther 62 C B UK
Eric Luckman 61 B B Deceased - 16 Apr 2020
Paul Luckman 61 A Unknown Portugal
Alex Luke 63 B A UK
Bill Lumsden 61 C C UK
Dave Lungley 61 A C UK
Malcolm Lunn 62 A C UK
Derek Lunnon 67 B C UK
Rod Luty 63 C C UK
Arnold Lynas 61 B A Spain
Mike Lyon 65 C C UK
John Macdonald 62 A C UK
Donald Macgregor 63 C A UK
Neil MacInnes 62 B C UK
Ian Mackie 62 B C UK
Stephen MacKinnon 67 A C UK
Mick Maguire 68 B B UK
Phil Maher 65 A B UK
Peter Malby 62 B A UK
Albert Malcolmson 64 A B UK
Roger Manicom 59 B B UK
Tom Manton 59 C B Deceased - Feb 2003
Bill Marsh 64 B C UK
Eddie Marshall 63 C A UK
Gary Martin 64 A C UK
Alan Martin 64 C C USA
Paul Maslen 59 B A Deceased - 2 Sept 2021
Eddy Mason 65 B C UK
John Mason 66 C B UK
Ken Mateer 60 C A Canada
Mike Mather 67 C A Canada
Richard Matthews 62 C B UK
Ian Matyear 59 C A USA
Dave Mc Donald 65 B A UK
Danny Mcallister 63 A C UK
Robbie McCallum 63 A C UK
Norman McClaren 60 B C Deceased - 21 Feb 2022
Terry McClay 62 A A UK
Eddie McColl 67 A C UK
Bob McCreadie 60 C B UK
Ken McCready 65 A C Germany
Jim McCulloch 62 C B UK
Douglas McDermid 60 A C UK
Jim McDonald 63 A A UK
Terry McDonald 65 C C UK
Ian McDonald 63 C B UK
Colin Mcdonough 64 B A UK
Rod McEwen 64 B A UK
William McGinn 67 C C UK
Peter McGrady 64 A C UK
Barry McGurk 63 B C UK
Les McKenzie 61 A B Australia
Paul McKnight 66 C C UK
Barry McLachlan 62 B C UK
Alex McLean 63 C C Canada
Dave McLellan 67 C A UK
Andy McLeod 63 A B UK
Don McRea 65 A C UK
Jimmy McVeigh 64 B C UK
Roy Melton 61 C A UK
Keith Mepham 63 A A UK
Cliff Meredith 64 C A UK
George Middler 64 C C UK
Ralph Middleton 67 B C UK
Mick Middleton 65 C C UK
Keith Miles 66 C B UK
Dave Millar 65 B B USA
Dave Miller 63 A B Deceased - Dec 2020
Tom Miller 67 B C UK
Trevor Mills 64 C A UK
David Mills 62 A C Spain
Dave Mills 66 C A UK
Pat Mills 65 C C UK
Fred Milne 65 A C UK
Ron Milner 65 A C UK
Norman Milnes 65 C C UK
Brian Minchin 63 C A UK
Alan D. Mitchell 62 B C UK
Ray Mitchell 61 A B UK
Alan Mitchell 62 B C UK
Phil Mitchell 61 B B UK
Alan Mitton 62 C C UK
Stuart Moffat 65 C C UK
Roger Montford 62 A B UK
Derek Moore 67 B B UK
Chris Moore 64 A B UK
Graham Moore 59 C B UK
Paul Morgan 63 A C UK
John Morgan 57 B A UK
Larry Morrison 59 C A UK
Mick Morrison 63 A C UK
Les Moth 67 B A UK
Ricky Mower 65 A B UK
Albert (Paddy) Mullan 65 A A UK
Don Mumford 60 A B UK
Terry Mundy 62 C A UK
Kenneth Murfitt 64 A C UK
Bob Murray 66 C B UK
R. Murray 63 B Unknown UK
Eddie Musgrove 61 C B Deceased - 19 Dec 2017
Steve Myers 62 B C UK
Alan Myland 60 C B UK
Herman Neilus 63 C A UK
Peter Ness 64 B C UK
Rod Newbury 57 B Unknown UK
Alan Newby 63 C B UK
Malcolm Newell 63 C B UK
Colin Newport 60 C C Canada
Tony Newton 61 B C UK
Peter Newton 64 B C Canada
Nick Nicholls 60 B B UK
Dave Nicholson 67 C B UK
Keith Nicholson 63 C A Deceased - Nov 2009
George Nicol 60 C C UK
Peter Noble 61 B B UK
Mick Norman 63 A A UK
Fred Noy 64 C A UK
Nick Nunn 65 A C UK
Joe O'Brien 57 B B Deceased - 6 Mar 2018
Mick O'Brien 61 C B UK
Phil O'Connor 64 C B UK
Mel O'Connor 65 A C UK
David O'Reilly 63 C C Israel
Rodger Oakley 64 B A UK
Robert Oliphant 65 B C UK
Billy Ong 63 C A UK
Jim Ord 64 C A UK
Malcolm Oxley 67 B C UK
Roger Packer 65 B C UK
Dave Painter 67 B A UK
Jeff Palin 62 A A UK
Steve Palmer 65 C B Canada
Keith Pardy 64 B C UK
Graham Parker 63 C A UK
Noel Parker 61 C C UK
Alan Parker 60 C B UK
Ken Parkin 61 A Unknown UK
Richard (Roy) Parsons 58 B C UK
Gordon C. Partridge 67 B C Norway
Bob Patterson 64 A C UK
George Patterson 65 A A UK
Alan Patterson 64 C B UK
John Payne 66 C A UK
Charlie Peacock 64 C C UK
Mitch Peagram 63 B B UK
John Pearson 58 B C Deceased - Dec 2012
Zac Peck 59 B A Deceased - Sept 2016
Colin Pedigrew 65 A C UK
George Victor Peoples 60 C B UK
Roger Percivall 62 C C New Zealand
Brian Perkins 60 A C UK
Mark Perrier 68 A C Australia
Brian Perry 62 A A UK
Kelvin Peters 62 A A Australia
John Pettengell 60 A A UK
Roy Phillips Perm Staff Deceased - Jul 2015
Roy Phillips 61 A B UK
Brian Pickard 68 A C Germany
Dave Pilkington 62 B B UK
Gerry Pilling 61 A B UK
Dave Playford 64 B B UK
Peter Plummer 61 B C UK
Terry Pointing Perm Staff UK
Barry Pollard 61 C A UK / Philippines
Gordon Pollard 61 B B USA
Christopher Pollard 63 C C UK
Rodger Pollard 62 C B UK
Mike Porter 60 B B UK
Steve Portman 64 C A Canada
Colin Postings 61 B A UK
Percy Potts 62 B C UK
Matt Poulson 65 C C UK
Dave Powell 66 C C UK
Jeff Powell 65 C B UK
Stuart Preece 65 B C UK
Frank Preston 60 B Unknown UK
Bill Price 64 B B UK
John Price 63 C A UK
Denis Pritchard 67 C C Canada
Bryan Probert 63 B C UK
Ian Procter 63 C B UK
Tony Puddefoot 61 B C UK
Brian Purdom 63 A A UK
Simon Purton 63 C B Australia
Mal Qualter 65 B C UK
Harry Quigg 59 C A UK
Chips Rafferty Perm Staff UK
Gordon B. Rafferty 67 C B South Africa
Alex Ramsey 61 A C UK
Bill Ramsey 65 B C UK
Peter Randall 67 A B UK
Trevor Ratcliff 60 B A UK
Bernie Rawcliffe 62 A A UK
Jim Rawson 63 B A UK
Paddy Rea 60 A B UK
Bob (Joe) Redhead 64 C C UK
Ron Redpath 60 B A UK
George (Taff) Rees 64 C A UK
David Reeves 58 B A N. Cyprus
Colin Reid 64 A A UK
Jim Reid 62 C B Australia
Bob Reid 65 C B UK
Duncan Remington 64 A B UK
Bob Reynolds 67 C C UK
Clive Rheinheimer 67 C B UK
Keith Richardson 67 B A UK
Keith Rigby 62 B A UK
Dave Robbie 61 A A Turkey
Dave Roberts 57 B A UK
Charlie Roberts 64 A B UK
Peter Roberts 61 A A UK
Trevor Roberts 63 A A UK
Mike Robertson 68 A C UK
Peter Robinson 62 B A UK
Bill Robinson 64 A B UK
Brian Roden 63 B A UK
K. Rogers Unkno Unknown UK
Tony Roode 67 A Unknown UK
David Roper 59 B B UK
Roger Rose 61 A A Deceased - 20 Jan 2018
Don Rose 63 C A UK
Chris Roseblade 62 C B UK
Arthur Ross Perm Staff UK
Trevor Rousseau 62 B B UK
Ted Rowberry 65 B C UK
Ian Rowe 65 B C Canada
Alan Rowland 67 C C Cayman Is
Henry Rowlands 63 C C UK
Dave Rowley 60 B C UK
Eddie Russell 63 A B UK
Pete Ryan 60 C C UK
Ted Sabat 60 B C Deceased - Jan 2014
Chris Salmon 67 C B Australia
Dave Sanders 60 B C UK
Dave Sanderson 61 C B UK
Bob Saunders 67 C A UK
Brian Saunders 65 B B UK
Robin Saunderson 61 C C NZ
Roy Saxby 62 B A UK
John Scarrat 67 C A UK
John Schofield 68 B B Tasmania
Dave Scobie 61 A B UK
Eric Scorgie 61 C B UK
Fenwick Scott 61 C C UK
Ray Scott 63 C B UK
Gordon Scott 64 B C UK
Jim Sealy 59 C A Australia
Mick Searles 63 A A Oman
Roger Seivwright / Haywood 61 C A UK
Dave Self 63 A A UK
Fred Selfridge 67 B C UK
Anthony Seymour 60 C Unknown UK
Mick Shannon 64 C A Deceased - Aug 2013
Mike Sharp 65 C B Germany
Allen Sharp 62 C A UK
Stu Shaw 63 A A UK
David Shaw 62 A B UK
Brett Shawcross 63 A B UK
Dave Shearman 61 C A UK
Brian Shepherd 60 B C Deceased - Sep 2011
Mike Shepperd 65 A C UK
Robin Sherwood 62 C B UK
Alexander Shield 63 B A UK
Dave Shields 61 B B Deceased - 2003
Stan Shipton 60 A A UK
Rick Shocklidge 60 A A UK
Graham Short 63 B C UK
Dave Short 61 A C UK
John Siberry 67 C B UK
Dave Sicling 64 A A UK
Ralph Sillett 63 C A UK
Keith Simmonds 67 A C Australia
Colin B. Simmonds 61 B B UK
Reg Singleton 63 B Unknown Germany
John Sives 62 B C UK
Iain Skinner 67 A A UK
Joe Slade 67 C C UK
Brian Slinn 63 A A UK
Gerry Small 61 C A UK
Peter Smallwood 60 C A UK
David Brian Smedley 62 C B UK
Des Smiles 62 C B UK
Dave Smith 63 A A UK
Mick Smith 65 A C UK
Steve Smith 67 B B UK
Colin Smith 67 C C Germany
Herbert Smith 62 B A UK
John F. Smith 62 C A UK
Roy Smith 61 C B Germany
Bill Smith 63 C A UK
B.J.(Biff) Smith 60 A B UK
Graham Smith 65 B B UK
Dave Sollis 65 B C UK
Tom Soutar 62 A A UK
Steve Southall 58 B C UK
Brian Sowton 65 C C UK
John Sparrow 58 A A UK
Mick Spaul 62 A C UK
Trevor Spearman 65 C B UK
David Spence 67 C B UK
Terry Spencer 63 C C UK
Glen Spindler 61 C A UK
Arty Sproat 63 A C UK
John Stanhope-Powers 62 C B UK
Jim Stanley 65 B B UK
Geordie Stanley 65 C B UK
Peter Stannard 62 C C UK
Bob Stanton 68 B B Deceased - 20 May 2018
Jim Stares 57 B Unknown UK
Ron Stedman 68 B B UK
Charlie Steed 65 C B UK
John Steele Perm Staff PTI - 66-70
Dougie Steele 64 A A UK
Charlie Stephenson Perm Staff UK
Tony Stephenson 61 C C UK
Ron Stevens 67 C B UK
Ross Stevenson 64 A A UK
Ron Stewart 67 A C UK
Bill Stewart 61 C C UK
Ian Stewart 65 B B UK
Ron Stoddart 66 C B UK
John Stoddart 59 B A UK
Roger Stone 64 A A UK
Robert Stone 64 C B UK
Ken Stone 63 A A UK
Alan Stothart 65 B A UK
Delwyn Strangward 65 C B Deceased - 8 Mar 2013
Grahame Strathern 67 C C UK
David Sullivan 63 A A UK
Bill Surtees 65 B A UK
Steve Sutton 62 B B UK
Rob Swaby 64 A C UK
Marty Swain 63 B Unknown UK
Brian Swaine 63 C A UK
Pete Swierkocki 64 A B Deceased - 07 July 2020
Ian Swinton 62 C C UK
John Syddall 64 C Unknown UK
Geoff Tabrah 60 A A UK
Alan Tait 65 A C UK
Malcom Tanner 58 B A Deceased - Aug 2017
Keith Taylor 63 A A UK
Ian Douglas Taylor 60 A B UK
Stew Taylor 60 A A UK
Alan C Taylor 64 C B UK
Colin Taylor BEM 61 B B UK
John Templeton 61 C C UK
Dave Theakstone 61 A A UK
Steve Theobald 65 C B Spain
Des Thomas 64 C A UK
Barry M. Thomas 62 A B UK
Ray Thompson 61 B A UK
Andrew Thompson 66 C C UK
Robin Thompson 62 A B UK
W.R. Thompson Unkno Unknown UK
Jim Thompson 62 B C UK
Kevin Thorley 59 B B UK
Bill Thorne 65 C B UK
Dave Thrower 64 A A UK
Kevin Thundow 67 C A UK
Derek Thurgood 65 B A Deceased - Sep 2016
Tom Tomblin 61 A A UK
Peter Tong 67 C C UK
Rob Tooby 63 A B UK
Allen Tooes 58 A C UK
Alistair Tough 67 A C UK
Walter Townson 64 B C UK
Mick Tranham 64 A C Deceased - 30 Dec 2021
Brian Trask 61 C B Deceased - Dec 2017
Roger Traves 57 B C UK
Barrie Travis 62 C A UK
Roger Truelove 67 C A Deceased - Apr 21
Rae Tryhorn 62 B C UK
Rob Tuck-Brown 67 C B UK
Bill Turner 67 A A UK
John Turner 61 C A UK
Gerry Turton 61 A B UK
Geoff Twigg 59 B B UK
Frank Ulyatt 61 C C Germany
Graham Uppington 67 C B UK
Derek Utton 58 B C UK
Steve Vanstone 63 B A UK
Tony Varty 65 C B UK
Dave Vaughan 68 A C UK
David Voce 60 A A UK
Anthony Wade 63 C A UK
Mick Wade 67 C C UK
John Wade 68 A C Australia
Colin Wadsworth 60 A A UK
Peter Wales 67 A C UK
John Wales 60 C B UK
Gordon Walker 65 C B UK
Jim Walker 61 A A UK
John Walker 62 A A Deceased - 22 Mar 2020
George Walker 62 C A UK
Fred Walker 63 C A UK
Dave Walker 60 C C UK
Ken Walkington 61 B C UK
Bob Wallace 61 A A UK
Norman Wallace 60 B A UK
John (Wally) Wallace 62 B A UK
Ted Walls 59 C C UK
John Walpert 64 A C UK
Ian Walton 62 B B UK
Kelvin Wane 67 C C UK
Tim Ward 67 C B UK
Ray Waring 61 B B Deceased - 16 Dec 2008
John Watkins 64 C C UK
John Watson 62 C B UK
Mick Watson 65 C B UK
Terry Watson 63 C C UK
Mike Watson 65 C B UK
David Watson 65 B A UK
Tony Watson 61 C B UK
Trevor Watson 63 A A Deceased -10 Jan 2019
John W. Watson 63 A B UK
Bill Watt 61 B B UK
Jim Watters 64 C A Deceased - Mar 2019
Dick Watts 64 C A UK
Mark Webster 61 A C UK
Alan Weeks 60 A A Australia
Mark Weir 59 B A UK
Ian Welch 61 C A UK
Tony Welch 65 C B UK
Geoff Weller 62 A B UK
Andrew (Bill) Wells 61 A C UK
Pete Welsh 65 C B UK
Alan Welsh 63 B A UK
Jim Welton 66 C A UK
Bernard Wenham 67 B C Australia
Bob Westley 65 A A Deceased - Sep 2011
Alan Whalley 64 A C UK
Derek Wheatland 57 B Unknown UK
Eddie Wheeler 62 A A UK
Mac Whiley 67 C A Deceased - Dec 2017
Ron Whitby 60 C A UK
Barry F. White 65 B A NI
John White 65 A B UK
Ian White 62 A A Germany
Alan White 63 C B UK
Cameron White 64 A C UK
Trevor White 61 C A Deceased - Jan 2012
Richard White 62 A C UK
Mike Whitney 62 A B UK
Jack Whittaker 62 C A UK
Mark Whittaker 63 C B UK
Martin Whittaker 66 C B Deceased - Jan 2021
Gordon Whitworth 64 C A UK
Joe Whyley 64 C A UK
Phil Whyte 64 B C Germany
Ray Wickson 66 C C UK
Chris Wightman (nee Hoar) 57 B B UK
Ken Wilcockson 61 B A UK
Vic Wilde 60 C C UK
Les Wilkinson 67 C A UK
Les Wilkinson 62 A B UK
John Willcoxson 60 C A UK
Phil Williams 66 C B UK
Stephen Williams 63 B A UK
Tony Williams 64 A A UK
Rob Williams 64 B B Deceased - 22 Sept 2019
Chris Williamson 61 C B UK
Rodger Williamson 62 C B UK
Dick Willows 67 A A UK
Alan Wills 67 B A Australia
Dave Wilmot 60 C A Canada
Billy Wilson 63 A B UK
D Wilson 60 B A UK
Ian Wilson 58 A B UK
Paul Wilson 65 B A UK
Peter Wilson 62 A A UK
Denis Wilson 63 A C UK
Bob Wilton 62 A A UK
Alan Wilton 60 B C UK
Dave Wilton-Brown 62 B B UK
Peter Winter 61 B C Australia
Norman Winters 61 A C UK
Andy Winton 65 C B UK
Bernie Wisely 62 B A UK
Dave Wood 62 A A UK
Mark Wood 67 C C UK
Brian Woodley 66 C A UK
Mal (Taff) Woodman 60 B C UK
Greg Woods 64 C C Deceased - Feb 2021
Johnny Woodward 65 B A UK
Jim Woolam 57 B C UK
Ron Wormold 61 A B UK
Len Worrell 64 C C UK
Graham Worrillow 62 C B UK
Eddie Wright 62 A A NI
Malcolm Wright 67 B C UK
Clive Wroe 63 A A Deceased - Nov 2016
George Wrzyszcz 67 C C USA
Anthony Wyartt 62 C B Deceased - Oct 2014
Kavin Wyle 64 C A UK
Michael Yandle 64 B C Germany
Brian Yardley 66 C B Deceased - 08 Dec 2020
Alan Yates 63 B A UK
David Yearron 65 A C UK
Ian Yeats 64 C C UK
Jimmy Young 62 B C UK
Robert Young (Sterling) 60 C B UK
Joe Younger 65 B A UK
Michael Zambra 61 B A Germany








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